NFTs to plant 1 BILLION trees, IRL.


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unique, programmatically generated NFTs featuring the beauty of photorealistic Redwood Trees.


trees planted IRL!

1 Billion

Our first step toward planting 1 BILLION trees in real life to combat climate change.

Plus, governance rights in our community effort to build a digital world to preserve the beauty of the real world.

  • Ethereum based NFT featuring photorealistic Redwood tree 3d models
  • Each NFT includes 10 trees planted in the real world
  • Files included: 4K PNG, 3D GLB, plus 2 MP4 animations.
  • The first release in _mintForest's goal to plant 1 BILLION trees in the real-world to fight climate change
  • Community and governance rights in the _mintForest digital planet project
  • Plant your IRL trees in Honor of someone special -- it will be written into the Ethereum blockchain.
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4K PNG Top to Bottom
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4K PNG Zoom
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HD Animation Spiral
4 / 4
HD Animation Top to Bottom

Each NFT includes 2 images, 2 animations and a 3D model.

_mintForest’s Vision


1 Billion Trees Planted IRL, Digital Planet & Community

_mintForest NFTs fight climate change. Our goal is to plant 1 BILLION trees in the real world and assemble a community of like minded crypto lovers to fight climate change.


For each _mintForest NFT you purchase _mintForest will plant 10 tree in real life - toward our goal of 1 Billion trees.


In addition, every _mintForest NFT holder has governance rights in the PlanetF project. We are building an online virtual reality planet, PlanetF. PlanetF re-imagines earth as if people had never evolved from apes. The entire planet is devoted to fluara and fauna; oceans and land, mountains and valleys, ice packs and volcanoes.


As a _mintForest NFT holder you will help us build and shape PlanetF. You will be able to participate in a DAO that builds and forms a digital world devoted to flora and fauna.


_mintForest is not a one-time project - we are a 10 year project.

Each NFT holder will be able to 'plant' their NFTs on PlanetF. Over the next several years we will release NFTs to cover every major fluara and fauna on Earth, each will be limited runs and each can be used in PlanetF to help build the biomes.


NFT owners will have the right to explore this digital planet as they would explore the Earth. They can walk through forests, hear the sounds of the wind and birds, the pine needles under their feet. While they may not be able to visit all of the biomes of Earth, we will do our best to replicate the variety and beauty of the natural world in PlanetF so that all can experience it.


NFT holders will be the only people who can visit PlanetF (online, virtually via virtual reality or augmented reality) and travel the planet as an spirit floating through the forests, fields and meadows.


_mintForest is partnering with talented 3d artists to create and sell NFTs featuring photorealistic 3D models of flora and fauna in the natural world. Each NFT will come with the 3d model file, a png file of the model, a small animation of the model and a small gif of the model.


Cooperatively we will build an online world untouched by humans and undo the damage of climate change.


First steps... for our first project, we will create and sell 10,000 NFTs featuring 3D models of Redwood trees. We will plant 100,000 trees in the real world. This will give us the first members of our community and a base to launch future projects until we replicate the entire natural world in our digital world, AND SAVE OUR PLANET AT THE SAME TIME.

Features & Attributes

All trees 0.05ETH

attributes & uniqueness

  • Bark

  • Height

  • Girth

  • Leaf density

  • Background

  • Including bird or animal

  • Canopy size

  • Type
    (standard, distressed, ancient, dying, dead, broken, trunk only, full tree, low canopy)

features & rarities

  • Types

    approximate distributions,
    doesn’t add up to 100%

    Standard: 56%
    Distressed: 3%
    Dying: 4%
    Sapling 4%
    Young 9%
    Young-mature 3%
    Ancient 2%
    Uprooted 1%
    Dead 1%
    Immature 10%
    Unhealthy 4%
  • Sizes

    Every tree has a unique height, width, girth combination
    • Backgrounds

      All have a background
      Solid backgrounds: 75%
      Photo backgrounds 25%
      Tokens 0-249 are guaranteed to have a photo background
      There are 20 different photo backgrounds, so each one has a rarity of about 1.2%
    • Animals

      2% of trees of animals (200 total)
      Tokens 9900-9999 are guaranteed to have an animal companion
      Butterflies version 1
      Butterflies version 2
      Honey Bee
      Scarlet Macaw
      Snowy owl

included formats

  • PNG
    static image

  • MP4
    animation of the tree doing a 1/2 turn

  • MP4
    animation of the tree doing a spiral

  • GLB file
    of the 3d model

  • A json description of the unique traits of this tree.


  • July 1, 2021

    Launch to the world! General promotion.

  • August 13, 2021 -- Minting begins!

    Redwood NFT, Opening of Community portal, PlanetF demo

  • August Upgrades

    Renaming/Dedication, upgraded 3D animations, upgraded 3D Model, USDZ files

  • September

    DAO Launch, Initital Governance Rules

  • october

    The next tree model is released.

  • december

    Launch of beta digital world PlanetF, 3rd tree model.

  • January 2022

    DAO votes on full-year timeline